It is possible to drift around without any particular objective, or to sail with only a vague or general destination in mind. It is even possible to stay afloat going essentially nowhere, with very little effort or purpose, at least for awhile, but it should be the goal of every ministry or organization that relies on the contributions and generosity of the private sector, to clearly define its objectives/destination and to use all its resources to arrive at that destination efficiently and with enough energy, and faith to allow a fresh new wind to direct a new vision or adventure.  

At OpTechs, our goal is to be your go-to source for operational and technical services. We assist churches and other Christian organizations to streamline their business processes, better utilize their software, address chronic personnel challenges, recommend hardware and software, and train and support their staff. We want to serve as your first line of defense against inefficiency and inertia.  We specialize in the use and optimization of Shelby, EMS, ProCare, and the entire Microsoft Office Suite.
So many non-profit organizations have traditionally spent the lion's share of their energy and resources fulfilling their organization's mission and growing their reach, as well they should, but often that leaves important operational and technical issues to fend for themselves.  Over time this creates an atmosphere of chaos and erosion in morale and productivity which is counterproductive to any organization's ultimate goal - to impact the life of those they are called to serve. So, our ultimate goal is to help our clients be good stewards of the valuable resources their members and contributors entrust to them. 

Operational and Technical Support to Orginizations Serving the Faith-Based Community