"He that is good will infallibly become better, and he that is bad, will certainly become worse; for Vice, Virtue and Time are three things that never stand still."       -Charles Caleb Cotton 

Although Cotton was referring to people in the above quote, I am convinced that the same applies to churches and all non-profit organizations.  It is essential that all organizations strive continually to improve their good points and to eliminate their weak ones.  And their success at that will be measured by their growth. It is not possible to remain static.  As time goes on, we are inevitably in a state of improvement or decline; it is an unnamed law of nature.  And even if we could achieve that state of limbo, we would be regressing, because of the striving of our competitors (from a business perspective), or those in the world who insist on maintaining an antipathy toward God. The Optechs' mission is to assist you in your vision, whether that is to streamline your business processes, better utilize technology to communicate with members and visitors, and to close your "backdoor", to aid your staff and volunteers in more efficiently utilizing your valuable resources, or to overcome some chronic issues that seem to be causing chaos and stagnation. 

Growth is always the goal but not for the sake of brick and mortar, but for to eternal benefits we and those who choose to associate with us, are so deeply committed.  Whether it is by expanding to additional locations, adding ministries and services or reaching outside our four-walls to the world afar, growth requires resources and there is growing competition for those. 

I look forware to parternering with you in you efforts.        

                                                            - Jan Calloway
Operational and Technical Support to Orginizations Serving the Faith-Based Community